Project Type:  Branding
Year: 2020
Class:  Consumer Behavior (Undergrad)
Task: Each team had to design and develop a new product or service and complete an introduction and promotional plan for the new product / service. A key consideration is that the group be able to provide research to support the expected market viability of the idea.  
Presentations: Presentations had to effectively demonstrate the product, its market potential, and proposed marketing strategies.  In addition, groups had to develop a prototype of the product, including packaging and brand name and examples of promotional materials.  Groups are encouraged to be creative and to use any medium (i.e., videotape, slide show, theatrics, etc.) to convey their ideas.  ​​​​​​​
 Our New Product: Tile Smart Security System
Most security systems are bulky and non-discreet. Our security system is EASY TO INSTALL, hidden away from plain sight and SAFE around kids & pets.

Target Market: Small Families / New Families
Our presentation was focused on the product design and the accessibility to the consumer. We took into consideration what it visually looked like, the installation process, and the concerns of a growing family. 
Since our product relied heavily on new technology, we developed our own app mockup to showcase the capabilities and pairing process of the tiles. 
INTERACT WITH THE APP: Click Around on the left hand of the screen. The app will highlight sections that are triggers and can interact with the viewer. 
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