Lincoln Parish School Board
As a student who grew up going to these schools, I saw the lack of attention that the school board and individual schools paid to their own websites. 
As an international student, I saw the need to have updated information in some sort of text format. When I entered 3rd grade, my parents would often use an English to Spanish dictionary going over every word to try to decipher school handouts. Their limited understanding of English became a struggle every night trying to make sense of it all. This lasted for a year until I became proficient in English and no longer needed physical informational text. 
This project was aimed at redesigning a set of school websites to enhance the visual experience and to provide a place for the much needed information to live in. 
1. The new website features a menu that more easily accessible. The white toolbar is accessible on all pages making it easier for faculty to access their links faster. 
2. The school menu is collapsible making it more interactive.
3. The new website has a new sense of cohesion and hierarchy. More attention is paid to the achievements of the school and to informational text in general.

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