Branding, Website Design
A startup wellness company had been conducting research for an all-natural energy drink. This revolutionary energy drink product was in need of a proper execution strategy to be used at the conclusion of their studies. With no target market or branding, they wanted a complete marketing plan targeting one specific market. Among those markets that needed research were college students, gamers, information technology workers, and teachers.

Our team created a marketing plan that targeted the information technology consumer market. Focusing on its zero sugar, zero caffeine promise, our plan recommended marketing strategies and tactics for a successful launch towards this market.
The report outlined the current situational analysis of the company and provided extensive research about the recommended targeted market of information technology professionals. We also developed a brand identity which included packaging design and web design.
Class:  Marketing Strategy (Undergrad)
Zero Energy Report Cover and Inside Pages laying on a grey table.

The 40 page report was given to our client at the conclusion of the class.

Identity design across packaging and web

Product page of the zero energy website. It shows the benefits of the drink by showing doctor testimonials.

Website - Product Page

Home page of the zero energy website. Shows a two cans floating in the air among liquid.

Website - Home Page

Website Animations built in Adobe XD.

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