Losna is an experimental artist who first gained exposure to the music industry by being part of the Queen Sonja International Music Competition in Norway. Her sound is a mixture of electronic pop and classical music that is blended with heavy bass notes. Her unique conceptual & sonically work has captured the attention and hearts of  many. Her music has been described as an affair of layering shimmering melodies and sonic arrangements that are equal parts - thought provoking and dancefloor ready. Her vinyl record is made entirely out of graphite with computer generated glitches. As contemporary is the medium, new technology  fuses the artistry and detailed artwork.
Project Components: Logo, Vinyl Packaging, Tour Poster, and Merch

Inspirations for the album graphics came from statues that manipulated their very own mediums. I wanted my artist to cross the line of contemporary music and add her very own twist on the genre.

Hand drawn elements were done with pencil and graphite. Then they were scanned and manipulated in Adobe Photoshop. 

Losna artwork was inspired by surreal sculpture. I was drawn to the surreal qualities that artists bring to a medium that is so hard to manipulate. The statues represent a classical element and the details are what modernizes a historical medium.
The album artwork is a drawing of one of Livio Scarpella's pieces. I was so drawn to the piece because of the emotion that was portrayed. Not to mention the thin veil that covered the face. These ghostly souls embodied so much pain with so much detail that it was hard to not look away. Antonio Corradini also dove into these ghostly souls by portraying a woman statue. The back of the album is a headless torso which is part of his piece "Modesty". I loved the double meaning of being covered with a translucent frabic. In all, the album artwork simply tells a story that goes beyond the medium. It repurposes old habits into modern pieces. Just like these sculptures, Losna is able to give a double meaning to classical music. She embodies experimentation and soul.
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