Video Game trailer created to showcase the game. Graphics and video effects created by me.

Game graphics and design by: Erik Martinez Rodriguez

Game Coding and Software Engineering by: Colleen Heneghan 

Oscuro is an isometric pixel puzzle game developed for a game design class at Louisiana Tech University. Artwork was created by myself and all the game engineering and coding was done by Colleen Heneghan.
The concept of this game was inspired by drag queens and Game of Thrones. The art style was completely experimental and was a new realm for me. There was a lot of learning when it came to light maps, game engines, and isometric design.

Game created using Unity game engine, Sprite Illuminator, Texture Packer, Photoshop, IMovie, and Illustrator.

The concept of the game revolves around a lazy goddess. She falls asleep one night and finds the light pieces, which she has been put in charge of, missing and scattered across the land. The darkness is responsible for not only taking the world's light, but releasing his minions to cause chaos all around. She now has to go and retrieve all the light pieces to restore the light. With the help of her dragon buddy, she is able to explore the harsh terrains and those pesky minions.
Game components: Puzzle, 3 levels, Mac/Windows Playable App

In level 3, you are introduced to enemies that take a life away from the character if you bump into them.

Your small dragon buddy follows you around helping you get to higher places and destroying boulders.

There are small "keyboard" clues" to remind you what you need to do.

Using Unity game engine, we were able to engineer various levels in an isometric format.

Illuminations were created using sprites manipulated by "Sprite Illuminator App". It allowed us to create sprites that were responsive to light when the character walked. 

Colleen did a fantastic job making sure details such as life icons, camera placement, and light were functioning correctly. 

Since we did not have the necessary knowledge to work Unity, this entire process was a learning experience.

Overall, the game functioned like it should have. We did encounter some bugs that we were not able to fix due to time constraints. During game presentations, we took notes of things people gave advice on and enjoyed talking to people who took the time to play everyones game.

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