The Dixie Center for the Arts had no previous marketing or design role as it was run by volunteers for years. As the new executive director stepped in, he needed to build an identity to carry out his new season. Existing patrons of the Dixie theatre were Ruston residents in their 60s. We wanted to attract a new younger audience while retaining those existing patrons with this new identity.
The collaboration between the executive director led to the creation of marketing materials for all five season shows. By giving each show a unique voice and consistent messaging, we would be able to market these shows to a wider audience that might not have been intrigued before. This not only gave the theatre a unique voice, but a unified image that could set a precedent for future seasons. A new division was also launched to cater to its youngest child patrons.
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Sail On: The Beach Boys Tribute
The first show of the 2019-2020 Dixie Season of "Nostalgic Momentum" was a highly energetic show that focused on performing songs by America's Band, The Beach Boys. Inspired by a beach postcard, the branding gives off a bright fun summer vibe that also highlights the members of the band. It mimics the retro imagery that the original Beach Boys posters displayed in the past.
Jerrod Guillory
This South Louisiana comedian delivers the humor and laughter of the Creole culture. Jerrod weaved a cast of characters, trying adventures, and tales of small-town life with intensity, animation, and a myriad of truth. His branding was focused on encapsulating those late-night comedian bars. The neon-inspired signage and brick background create a small cozy bar-like setting where the audience can reminisce on those late-night hangouts. 

Evening in the Round
Three of Nashville's most talented singer/songwriters performed an intimate night of acoustic music, starring 3-Time Grammy winner Linda Davis and hit songwriters Lang Scott and Bill Whyte. They injected hits, humor, and a whole lot of down-home appeal. Inspired by the 2018 CMA Awards, their branding was a modern take on country advertising. The wooden accents kept the old country while the modern background gave it a new light.
Peacherine Ragtime Society Orchestra
The Peacherine Ragtime Society Orchestra, brought tears of laughter to our eyes as we laughed out loud to the Masters of Silent Comedy: Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton, and Laurel & Hardy, in their classic comedy films, all accompanied live with their original historic orchestral scores. In order to explain this concept, we used the orchestra's actual silhouettes as the main subjects in front of a scene from a classic comedy film. We also incorporated our iconic red curtain to further draw the audience into this unique experience.


Beach Boys Social Media Promo Video

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